COVID Policy Update

Dear WPD Families,

I am writing this letter to inform you Weddell Pediatric Dentistry’s COVID office policies. 

Firstly, Weddell Pediatric Dentistry remains committed to our mission to provide high quality, safe and enjoyable dental care to Indianapolis children. In the midst of this pandemic, Weddell Pediatric Dentistry has developed new policies to keep the staff, families and patients as safe as possible. 

These policies include:

  1. Parents must wait in their car or waiting rooms.  No adults are allowed back in the treatment areas.  When you arrive at your appointment please call our office at 317-924-5359 or check into Suite 100.  Any patient updates will be done at time of check in.  Treatment consent will be done in a private area with a staff member when we are ready to bring your child back for treatment.  Please allow for social distancing in the waiting rooms.  Please be available via phone for any communication from our office.  Dr. Nicole, Dr. Kelli & Dr. Jordan always available via phone before or after patient care.
  2. Please bring a mask for yourself and patient.  This is an Indiana mandate.
  3. Patients must be up to date with their vaccinations.
  4. Patients and family members must be in good health.  Any sick patient or family displaying symptoms of cough, fever or runny nose will be rescheduled for elective dental treatment.  The Dr. will always see an emergency patient regardless of health.  Please notify the office so we can prepare an isolation room for the emergency patient to avoid infection with other patients and families.
  5. We make every effort to limit unnecessary aerosol procedures.  Aerosol procedures include cavity fillings, polish cleanings and extractions.  The pediatric dentist will assess the necessity for the procedure versus the risk of not doing the procedure.  All aerosol procedures are done in private closed room.
  6. If an appointment is failed you will not be reappointed.  You will be dismissed from the practice. 

Weddell Pediatric Dentistry is practicing social distancing and enhanced sanitation due to the Coronavirus.  In addition to new PPE, WPD has more frequent surface and floor cleanings, daily employee COVID screenings, social distancing with slower schedule, and new hospital grade HEPA/UVC Surgically Clean Air filters in every patient room. 

Please visit our Facebook and website for up to date information. 

We hope with herd immunity and vaccine research we can return to less restrictive policies involving more parent involvement in care.  We really miss seeing your faces!  Stay healthy and thank you for all your support.

Thank you for your understanding,

Nicole Weddell DDS MSD
President, Weddell Pediatric Dentistry